Friday, December 26, 2008

I am married now. Under punishment of death and severe scrutiny my sister insists that I write a new post.
Heidi is my wife.
My major is Environmental Science and I plan on graduating in August of 2009.
I like to play.
I like to eat.
I like to rest.
I like to sing.
I like to dance.
I watched High School Musical 3 yesterday. My favorite part was when Gabriella sang for Troy at the basketball game and got his "head in the game" again. Phew! Crisis averted.
We played basketball today. I'm just as bad as I used to be at it, only I'm taller now.
I'm going to eat more dessert.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Life as I know it

Hello everyone,
Things are going pretty well here in Provo. I am feeling a little tired but other than that things are great. I had a really happening week this week. Let's start at the very beginning...
So, I don't know how many of you had heard, but Heidi and I broke up last week. We got back together this week and things are going great! The more I think about what happened, the more I think that I wasn't thinking. Heidi is awesome!
I know that other things don't really compare to that one, but I will surge ahead anyway. This week I got a bread maker at DI. I'm pretty excited about it. My very first experimental loaf is in the machine RIGHT NOW! I know you all probably can't control your excitement, but you will have to wait for a picture. Sorry.
This weekend I had the opportunity to go camping near Goblin Valley in southern Utah. It was pretty cold, but pretty awesome. We went on a hike in a slot canyon and it was really neat. There was a while where I probably wouldn't have fit if I wasn't going sideways. The rocks were really neat and all swirly and red. It was really cool. We went to the actual Valley of the Goblins and that was pretty cool too. It has some hoodoos similar to Bryce Canyon, but they are a little smaller and not quite so sturdy. It was all held together by dirt. I would say it was a mix between Bryce Canyon and the Badlands. We were able to run around there and climb on things and it was a blast. I really wanted to play kick the can, but we didn't :( I guess you can't have everything...
So, after a short trip home (I was really tired by this time) it was time to shower and get ready for my friend's birthday party! Her party took place at a tumbling gym near Springville. It was super fun. There were trampolines all over the place, and a foam pit that you could jump into in any way and not get hurt. It was a blast! I am a little sore today though.
Today I had the opportunity to play my violin in church with my roommate Tyler. We both accompanied the choir. I think that it sounded pretty neat, but I wasn't on the other side...Tyler definitely played the harder part, and that is OK with me.
Well, things are going great here! I'm excited for my vacation tomorrow, where I will work at least two shifts! Does anyone know any good recipes for honey butter?

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Hello Family and Friends!
I have once again waited a long time to post something on my blog! I think this may be because I want you to really appreciate them when they come...
So here's what's going on!
Classes are crazy! I am a little worried about my Wildlife Plant ID class. I study and study for our weekly quiz and then, without fail, I forget everything that I have learned the moment the quiz starts. We have to know anywhere from 14-29 plants per week and be able to recognize them and know their family name, scientific name, and common name, as well as whether they are a perennial or annual, and if they are a native or introduced species. It makes me crazy! But I am going to get the hang of it soon. My other study methods have been unsuccessful, so I'm moving on.
Last night we had a really cool ward activity. It was also my roommate Ben's birthday, and one of my other friends had a New Orleans Mardi Gras party at her house. It was a busy night. I had a lot of junk food, but then was able to get some real food in the form of jumbalaya.
It was really good. After a bunch of junk eating and other eating, we had our ward activity at the skating rink really close to the apartment complex. It was awesome. We played broomball wearing just our shoes, no skates. They had these fake brooms that were really sturdy-I remember breaking a broom or two in ward activities in Iowa...I only had a couple of injuries. I will include some high resolution, high quality pictures of my injuries for all to enjoy. They are not as bad as they look in the pictures, don't worry. It was a blast, and apparently my Bishop is some kind of professional.
What else is going on...
Heidi invited me to eat with her family tonight. I think it is one of her brothers' birthday. Everyone is going to be there. I was also invited when it was her dad's birthday a while ago. It was really funny because her mom thanked me for coming to "show-and-tell". It was really good and they are really nice and fun, so I'm excited to go back.
I think that's all for now! I hope that everyone is doing great! I realized that I have some time to update my blog as I am sitting here on Sunday mornings, so hopefully I will be more regular. With writing in my blog :P

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Conference is over :(

Hello family and friends,
I had a very enjoyable time watching conference this weekend. I really felt like the talks were wonderful and inspired. They were really helpful to me and will continue to be helpful to me. So I'm glad about that.
Yesterday between conferences, my roommate and I went out to play soccer at a park near where we live. It was pretty cool, but a little wet and cold. I hadn't played soccer in a while and the ball was pretty slippery, needless to say, no talent scouts were coming after me that day.
School is going really well. I only have one more midterm and it's going to be during class. I can't tell you how happy that makes me because that means it's going to take less than an hour. I am very happy with the results of the midterms I've already taken. I haven't scored less than a 90%! The one I was most happy about was statistics, where I score a 96%. Oh baby! I think I spoke with only exclamation points for the next three days!
What else is new...
I couldn't find enough people for my intramural team and so we had to forfeit. I'm now looking for a team to join. I hope that they have a better schedule than we did because I wasn't able to make it to four of the six games we had scheduled. That was a bummer.
I don't have a calling in my new ward yet.
I will be playing with my folk group in the "Fiddle Fest" in the beginning of November. I'm pretty excited about that. The music we are playing is causing me to stretch. I didn't know that playing the guitar could work out your hand so much. I can only play like the first minute of one of the songs because the chords work my hand so hard it hurts really bad. But it will get better. Maybe I will find some way of posting a video so that everyone can see us in action!
The pictures of the Indian shirts should be up shortly! Thank you all so much for reading and commenting!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's been a while

So, It's been a while since my last post. I hope that I still have some valiant readers.
Well, school has started and I think that I'm going to enjoy my semester. I have a class that's taught by a guy who studies bears for a living. How cool is that? I also have another professor who studies bugs for a living and is totally crazy. Another fun and exciting class. I'm really enjoying my class on soil science-I find it fascinating. It is amazing how much there is to know about soil! The only time that I've been bored in that class was when we had to watch a movie about water absorption into soil. I guess it was probably more exciting watching it on a movie where they can speed time up, but probably not a whole lot more exciting than watching dirt get wet in real life. I have a lab for that class where we get to run tests on dirt and it's really cool. We went outside for lab on Friday and we all got soil samples that we are going to test to find out how much pore space there is in there. We all got our little tin cups and got our dirt samples and they are all in the oven in the lab cooking so that there is no moisture when we run our tests next Friday. For my biology class, I have to have a nature experience. I went out last night and sat in the rain. Well, I walked through the rain and then I found "a cavity of a rock" and stayed there and thought about what I can do for my nature project. I think I'm going to find out which plants and animals survive best in rockslide areas. What do you think?
Yesterday was homecoming. Which means, pretty much nothing for me. Except that I got out of the temple at the same time that the game was over and so it took me more than an hour to get home. It's really not very far and it took more than an hour. When I got home I was really in a bad mood. But I recovered. It took a nap and some nature, but I felt better. And I thought-no wonder I want to be a forest ranger where there aren't so many people :P
Also, I had a girlfriend. I don't know how many of you I told about that. But we're not dating any more. It was the cleanest breakup I've ever had though. We can even still talk to each other and not feel too weird. :P
I will hopefully be able to include some pictures of my Indian shirts for you, Amber, but it's Sunday and I haven't showered yet, so I don't want to do it quite yet. I have included a picture of my breakfast this morning-a great idea to do with granola that you have. Put it on pancakes! This wasn't the granola that I had made, however, I bought it from the store. But it will work both ways, trust me!
I hope that everyone is doing great, and I'll hopefully be able to post a little more soon!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Midweek Blues

So, it's the middle of the week. Sadly this week I don't have as many sub jobs. That means that I don't really have anything to do. But I am not yet tired, so we have a dilemma on our hands here. I will write a limerick about it, but I will need your help for the first part.
Amber gave me a great idea the other day. I think that I might plant a garden. I could plant my favorite vegetables-sugar peas! They cost like four bucks a pound at the store, and this could be a really good investment. I have been getting a little more creative with the recipes that I am working on. I tried some peanut butter with the granola that I made, but I might not have cooked it long enough or something because it isn't crunchy like it should be.
I wish I knew of a way that I could put music on this page so that everyone could enjoy my recipes for grooving tunes. The ones that I make myself.
By the way, I don't really have that many dark secrets...I could make some up for you though! Like the time that I drooled all over Michelle's pillow on vacation and told her that I spilled my water bottle on it. OK, that didn't really happen, but remember the time that I made you lose your handkerchief out the window? Sorry about that...
I want to go hiking tomorrow. It is my day off. I will also attend the temple. I hope that everyone is doing great and I look forward to your comments!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Entry Numero Uno

Dear Family and Friends,
Here I am in Provo Utah in the middle of the night and I don't have anything really productive to do other than sleep. So I'm going to start a blog and hopefully you will like it. I have thought a little about what I should include in the blog, but I might be looking for your opinions on what you would like to see and what you would not like to see. I want to hear from you.